Festivals of rajasthan

Rajasthan is different from India as chili is to pepper when it comes to festivals. There are myriads of festivals all which testify the jubilant spirit of the inhabitants of this desert land. The signature animal of the state - camel, makes its presence felt at all the major festivals here.

Pushkar Fair

It records the biggest influx of tourists and partcipants. Enchanting folk music and dances, camel races, their trading and beauty contests, tug of war between the hosts and the guests, air shows and a lot more keep the guests entertained for an entire week.

Dates : Oct / Nov every year

Venue : Pushkar (130 km from Jaipur), Rajasthan

Timings : 0900 hrs till late afternoon everyday

Camel Festival

It is a 3 day extravaganza where the ship of the desert camel hogs all the limelight. There are competitions for best decorated camel, best fur cutting design on the camel, fastest camel.....you also get to see the camels dancing - a sight that will etch in your memory forever.

Dates : January every year

Venue : Bikaner, Rajasthan

Timings : Events begin in the afternoon & continue throughout the day

Desert festival

It is the time when supposedly dead and dull sand of Jaisalmer echoes with the verve of participants and the tourists who pour in every winters for a 3 day carnival in the dunes of the Thar desert. Turban tying contest, best mustaches, Mr. Desert contest.....and much more.

Dates : Jan / Feb every year

Venue : Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Timings : mornings and evenings